Inventory effect on supply chain

Supply chain management addresses the management of materials and information across the entire chain from suppliers to producers,distributors, retailers, and customers. In the past few decades, scholars gave ample attention about the impact of inventory on Supply Chain Management (SCM). Roughly speaking, research on supply chain management has been mainly focused on three major issues. One is the behavior of information flow; the second issue deals with inventory management; the third issue is orientated to planning and operations management. In this paper the second issue, namely inventory management will be discussed. The author will follow the phases of classifying inventory; identify cost factors; assess cost components; calculate EOQ; giving suggestion and effect of inventory on supply chain will be discussed. The result is going to become…


1 Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Problem discussion
1.3 Problem presentation
1.4 Problem formulation
1.5 Purpose
1.6 Relevance
1.7 Delimitations and limitations
1.8 Time Table
2. Methodology
2.1 Scientific perspectives
2.1.1 Positivism
2.1.2 Hermeneutics
2.1.3 Comparison of the Two Theoretical Perspectives
2.2 Types of research
2.3 Data collection
2.4 Reliability and Validity
2.5 Research method selection
3. Theory
3.1 The importance of inventory
3.2 Definition and Purpose of inventory
3.3 Inventory costs
3.3.1 Inventory carrying cost
3.3.2 Order/Setup Cost
3.4 Fixed order quantity approach
3.4.1 Under condition of certainty
3.4.2 Uncertainty of demand and lead time length
3.5 Relationships with other activities
3.5.1 Materials management
3.5.2 Procurement
3.5.3 Demand management
3.5.4 Transportation
3.5.5 Customer service
3.5.6 Warehousing and storage
3.6 Supporting tools
3.6.1 Cause­effect diagram
3.6.2 Multiple Criteria Decision Making
4. Empirical findings
4.1 Products
4.2 Demand management
4.3 Logistics systems
4.4 Procurement
4.5 Inventory Management
4.6 Distribution
5. Analysis
5.1 Classifying inventory
5.2 Identify cost factors
5.3 Assess cost components
5.3.1 Ordering cost factor
5.3.2 Carrying cost factor
5.4 Application of EOQ
5.5 Suggestion
5.5.1 Alternative 1
5.5.2 Alternative 2
5.6 Discuss the effect of inventory on supply chain
5.6.1 Procurement
5.6.2 Transportation
5.6.3 Warehousing and storage
5.6.4 Customer service
6. Results
7. Conclusions
7.1 answering the problem formulation
7.2 Shortage of this thesis
8. Recommendation
9. Reference

Author: Meng, Yue

Source: Vaxjo University

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