Investment Banking Project Report

At a very macro level, ‘Investment Banking’ as term suggests, is concerned with the primary function of assisting the capital market in its function of capital intermediation, i.e., the movement of financial resources from those who have them (the Investors), to those who need to make use of them for generating GDP (the Issuers). Banking and financial institution on the one hand and the capital market on the other are the two broad platforms of institutional that investment for capital flows in economy. Therefore, it could be inferred that investment banks are those institutions that are counterparts of banks in the capital markets in the function of intermediation in the resource allocation.


~Evolution of Investment Banking
~Its Mechanism (statement of investment banking)

Products/Services Offered
~Lists of explanation
~Special services
How these services server the purpose of clients?
Risks associated with investment banking?
~Explanation (example){problem impact}
How the risks are managed effectively?
~Why risks management?
~Ways (example){problem action}
Future Scenario

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