IT Strategies in organizations

Title: Do organizations have IT Strategies? A Study on how organizations describe their IT Strategies.

The purpose of this study is to define the problem and explore whether organizations have IT strategies, and how these are describe in relation to other strategies. This research study also investigates how these organizations incorporate IT components into their strategies. Alternatively, this research study is aimed to find out whether “IT strategy” is stand-alone concept.

Therefore, the purpose of this research study can be described by the following questions:
-Is IT “strategy” a stand-alone concept?
-Do organizations describe IT strategies as a component in other strategies?

In seeking to examine how organizations describe their IT strategies, three interviews were held with IT Managers at Volvo, Boverket and UIQ, focusing on each organization’s central IT/IS department.


Chapter One
1.1. Background of Study
1.2. Purpose of the Study
1.3. Research Questions
1.4. Research Problem
1.5. Delimitations
1.6. Key word Definitions
1.7. Outline
Chapter Two
2. Theoretical Framework
2.1. Background of the strategy
2.2. Core Competence
2.3. Perspectives of Strategy in Business Administration
2.4. Strategy and IT
2.5. The themes of IT Strategy
2.5.1 Overview of the IT Strategy
2.5.2 Purpose of IT Strategy
2.6. IT and Organization
2.7. Linking Marketing with Information Technology
2.8. Information Technology in Supply Chain Management (SCM)
2.9. Infrastructure for IT in SCM
2.10. Perspectives of Strategy in Implementation
2.11. Enterprise Systems
2.11.1. Enterprise Resource Planning
2.11.2. Enterprise Application .Integration
2.12. Benefits
2.13. External Pressures
2.14. inadequacy of Current Research
2.15. Problematization
Chapter Three
3. Methodology
3.1. Method
3.1.1. Selecting Organization’s Features
3.1.2. The Choice of Interviewees
3.2. Research Design
3.3. Research Approach
3.3.1. Research Approach in this Thesis
3.4. Data Collection
3.5. Quality of this Research
3.5.1 Validity and Reliability
3.6. Data Analysis
3.7. Challenges in Designed Methodology
3.8. Literature Review
3.9. Empirical Studies
3.10. Background of Organizations
3.10.1. Boverket
3.10.2. Volvo IT
3.10.3. UIQ
Chapter Four
4. Results and Analysis
4.1. Do Volvo IT, UIQ and Boverket have IT Strategies?
4.1.1. How do Volvo IT, Boverket and UIQ describe their IT strategies in comparison with other strategies
4.1.2. Analysis
4.1.3. Stand Alone IT Strategy
4.2. Are IT Components incorporated into the Marketing Strategy?
4.2.1. Analysis
4.3. Are IT Components incorporated into the Product Strategy?
4.3.1. Analysis
4.4. Are IT Components incorporated into the MIS Strategy?
4.4.1. Goals of MIS Strategy
4.4.2. Components of MIS Strategy
4.4.3. Do MIS strategy components belong to different levels?
4.4.4. Analysis
4.5. Describing the IT Components in relation to the overall business strategy
4.5.1. Significance of IT components in IT strategy
4.5.2. Analysis
4.6. Contexts of IT Components within Volvo, Boverket and UIQ
4.6.1. How far ahead is future prospect of IT components
4.6.2. Analysis
4.7. Implications of the research
Chapter Five
5. Findings
5.1 Conclusion
Chapter Six
6. Discussion & Research Implication
Chapter Seven
7. Limitations of the Study and Suggestions for the Future Research

Author: Stephen Rupia Lyabandi

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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