Scripting with Java: an evaluation of scripting with pre built Java applications

TietoEnator AB has a close cooperation with its clients. They offer solutions that make their daily work more efficient and have therefore developed different applications to their needs.

The company has discovered that old applications can easily be reused in some way to new customer needs. A method that group functionality into modules has been used to solve this problem. These modules are then reused and modified to fit a new customer need. The only problem with this method is that it can crave great knowledge about all modules in an application. This will crave a great investigation cost before one can add, remove, exchange or integrate functionality even if all functionality exists.

Normal Configuration Management Method (NCMM) is a method for handling situations like the ones described above. It states rules for building and making modules reusable to different situations. Another method can also be used that are called Enterprice Application Integration (EAI). This method is somewhat different compared to NCMM. It mainly focuses on making application interoperable with each other. Scripting can offer all things that NCMM and EAI do. This mainly depends on the fact that scripting is evaluated in clear text and offers modular reusable solutions. The report will therefore explore the usage of different scripting methods for minimizing this development/modification cost, and compare it to both NCMM and EAI.

The result of the evaluation shows that scripting is a good method to temporary solutions, i.e. to solutions that are not likely used for future development.

Author: Pettersson, Daniel

Source: Lulea University of Technology

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