Development of knowledge based engineering support for design and analysis of car components using NX – Knowledge Fusion

Every product developing industry is aiming for to reduce its “time-to-market” and thereby a way to reduce time and cost. One approach to do so is to avoid recurrence in a process.

Knowledge Based Engineering allows capturing and structuring of a design and its design process. KBE allows the designer to automate the routine work, which gives the designer more time for creative work, which is the fuel of innovation. Energies can be applied for developing higher-difficulty products, requirements analysis, value identification and product scenarios.

A Saab car contain of a number of similar components, brackets for example, for the fastening of the vehicle horn and circuit breakers. Therefore, a potential exist for the supporting of design and analysis of brackets using a generic product model. Currently Saab does not use KBE technology why this Master Thesis work is intended as a means to promote an implementation.

The modeling and programming of the bracket and the user interface was done with Knowledge Fusion in UGNX v2.

The car brackets are manufactured through bending and embossing operations and using KBE manufacturing best practice can be coupled to the geometry model and therefore enhance design for manufacturing. This may reduce the cost as the design can be assessed while designing and therefore adapted for manufacturing. By using KBE the experience will stay within the company and it will make the work easier for the future.

Author: Golkar, Mohammed

Source: Lulea University of Technology

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