Knowledge Transfer Approach a project report

This is a project titled “Unpacking stickness : from the perspective of knowledge transfer approach“. Knowledge transfer is crucial to businesses in today’s knowledge-based economy. Nevertheless, there exists a gap in the books in understanding knowledge transfer. This gap depends on an abandoned topic of knowledge transfer technique. This report tries to play a role in the literature by explicitly suggesting 4 knowledge transfer approaches (constituted of 2 dimensions of transfer strategy and transfer mechanism) accessible to transfer knowledge. We develop our reasons by analyzing these 3 questions: 1. Which are the knowledge transfer approaches? 2. What are the aspects impacting the choice of the knowledge transfer approach? 3. What are the effects of the choice of the knowledge transfer approach on transfer stickiness? We reach conclusions in regards to the above questions by constructing 4 case studies which check out knowledge transfer phenomena within 4 organizations. In line with the case studies observations, we theoretically propose that various approaches are needed to transfer different types of knowledge (primarily complex and tacit knowledge). Further, a fit relating to the knowledge transfer approach with the nature of knowledge is able to minimize knowledge transfer stickiness. Furthermore, we also derive from the cases that the level of power relations present within organizations would influence knowledge management practices due to rent-seeking behavior of different individuals. The theoretical propositions give you a knowledge transfer approach perspective to unpack the issue of knowledge transfer stickiness and imply future research work on individual, organizational, or cultural factors having an influence on the selection of knowledge transfer approach, the impact of knowledge transfer approach on knowledge creation and appropriation, and the role of power on knowledge management practices.

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2.1 Knowledge Transfer
2.2 Process of Knowledge Transfer
2.3 Knowledge Transfer Approach
2.3.1 Transfer Strategies
2.3.2 Transfer Mechanisms
2.3.3 Four Knowledge Transfer Approaches
2.4 Knowledge Transfer Approach and Stickiness
2.5 Nature of Knowledge and Causal Ambiguity
3.1 Research Setting
3.2 Case 1 – FireDep
3.3 Case 2 – InsurCo
3.4 Case 3 – ArchFirm
3.5 Case 4 – AdverCo
4.1 Nature of Knowledge and Knowledge Transfer Approach
4.1.1 Transferring Complex Knowledge
4.1.2 Transferring Tacit Knowledge
4.2 Knowledge Transfer Approach as a Potential Source of Stickiness
4.3 Power Relations and Knowledge Transfer Approach

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Source: City University of Hong Kong

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