Kotak Life Insurance Project Report

The service industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in India today. The upcoming sectors which are really showing the graph towards upwards are – Telecom, Banking, and Insurance. These sectors really have a lot of responsibility towards the economy. Amongst the above-mentioned areas insurance is one sector, which took a lot of time in positioning itself. The insurance business of non-life companies was not much in problems but the major problem was with life insurance. Life Insurance Corporation of India had monopoly for more than 45 years, but the picture then was completely different. Previously people felt that “Insurance is only for classes not for masses” but now the picture is vice-versa. The formation of IRDA, entrance of private life insurance companies into India with one foreign partner, compulsory training of Insurance agents etc. developments started to take place.


Chapter 1: introduction
Research Mythology
Data Collection
Chapter 2: Life Insurance Industry
Industry profile
important milestones in the life insurance business
Insurance sector reforms
Chapter 3: Contribution of Life Insurance Industry
Contribution of Life Insurance in the Economy
Flow of Insurance Industry in India
Structure of life Insurance Industry
Life Insurance industry
Aggregation of Long Term Savings
Spread of financial services in rural Areas
Long term funds for infrastructure Development of Capital Markets/Economic Growth
Employment generation
Special Features
Growth Potential
Phase of transition
Chapter 4:Company Profile
Area of Business
KMOM progress till date
KMOM-the partnership and Lineage
Hierarchy of KMOM of Surat branch
Chapter 5: Survey
Data interpretation , editing and coding
Graph analysis
Chapter 6: Finding and Suggestion
Chapter 7: Conclusion
Chapter 8: References
Chapter 9: Annexure

Source: Chirag Patel

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