The role of leadership in knowledge transfer

The purpose of this study is to introduce the concept of internal branding, define it and discuss its relevance. The objective is (1) to put together the reasons why internal branding is indispensable and explain them systematically, (2) to introduce a critical perspective regarding the implementation process that internal branding entails, and (3) to check if the theory is reflected on to the empirics within this context. Following a deep literature survey about internal branding, branding and other related organizational and marketing issues; six supportive and critical points were put forward. Next, through a single case study on a service business, these twelve points were tested through detailed interviews with ten current and former employees of the case company to see if they empirically exist. All the supportive points were substantiated through this qualitative study, and the critical points were found valid but proactively dealt with by the case company in order to avoid them to hinder the internal branding process. The conclusion is that internal branding…

Author: Zhang,zhen

Source: Stockholm School of Economics

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