Modernization, Life Course, and Marriage Timing in Indonesia

Past research on marriage timing in Asia has found the modernization framework to be insufficient for explaining and understanding the processes of marriage and non-marriage. Using insights provided…


Chapter I
Chapter II
Prior research:
Marriage timing in developing countries:
Marriage timing in developed countries:
Chapter III
The Indonesian context:
Chapter IV
Research question and hypotheses:
Research question:
Primary independent variables:
Control variables:
Chapter V
Data and methods:
Dependent variable:
Independent variables:
Control variables:
Province variables:
Chapter VI
The base age pattern
The cross-sectional model
The dynamic model
Chapter VII
Results on education
Individual level cross-sectional models
Individual level dynamic models
Comparisons of individual level cross-section and dynamic models
Contextual models
Cross-sectional hierarchical models
Dynamic hierarchical models
Conclusions from the logit and hierarchical models
Chapter VIII
Results on workforce participation
The basic results on work
Results on earnings
The results on household wealth
Chapter IX
Results on control variables
Cross-sectional model
Dynamic model
Chapter X
Limitations of study
Future research
Importance of this research

Author: Sundaram, Aparna

Source: University of Maryland

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