Load Calculation and Simulation of an Asphalt Roller

Free body diagrams of an Asphalt Roller were designed for several load cases and used for an optimisation study. Assumptions for the load calculations for each load case were carried out in MATLAB®.The Roller was built in I-DEAS® and the results were compared with the theoretical results


1 Notation
2 Introduction
2.1 Description of an Asphalt Roller
2.2 Background
2.3 Assumptions and simplifications
2.4 Project description
3 Theory
3.1 External and Internal load points
3.2 Gravity load case
3.3 Maximum torque load case
3.4 Acceleration load case
3.5 Lifting load case
3.6 Pulling load case
3.7 Towing load case
3.8 Steering load case (Gravity)
3.8.1 Fatigue load case (First model)
3.8.2 Maximum load case (second model)
3.8.3. Maximum input load case (third model)
3.9 Steering lateral acceleration case
4 Theoretical Model in MATLAB®
4.1 Vibrated fork
4.2 Drive fork
4.3 Drum forces
4.4 Steering hitch
4.5 Front and Rear mass of the Asphalt Roller
4.6 Front mass section MS
4.7 Rear mass section MK
4.8 Second rear mass section MH
5 Simulation model
5.1 Modelling methods of an Asphalt Roller in I-DEAS®
5.2 Drums model
5.3 Gravity model
5.4 Acceleration model
5.5 Maximum torque model
5.6 Lifting model
5.7 Pulling model
5.8 Towing model
5.9 Steering gravity model
5.10 Steering lateral acceleration model
6 Results
6.1 Gravity case
6.2 Maximum torque load case
6.3 Acceleration load case
6.4 Lifting load case
6.5 Pulling load case
6.6 Towing load case
6.7 Steering loads under gravity (model C)
6.8 Lateral acceleration case
7 Conclusion
8 Program Algorithm
9 References
10 Appendices

Author: Amer Mohamed

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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