Analysis of Loader Arm of Pneumatic High speed Loader

The function of the loader arm of the high-speed pneumatic loader is to load the work piece from the conveyer belt into the die machine and vice-versa. The purpose of the work was to develop a Finite Element Model of the loader arm by using ANSYS Software. And with the help of the FEA model, the loader arm is optimized from stress and minimum deflection point of view. The knowledge of FEA and optimization is required to achieve the desired optimization in the existing structure.


1 Notation
2 Introduction
2.1 Objectives
3 Analysis Approach
3.1 Description of loader arm
3.2 Description of work piece
4 Finite Element Analysis
4.1 Steps of Finite Element Analysis
5 Finite Element Modeling
5.1 Stiffness Matrix
5.2 Computation of nodal load vector
5.3 Computation of Final Stresses
6 Modeling in ANSYS
6.1 Stages of modeling in ANSYS
6.1.1 Pre-processing
6.1.2 Solution stage
6.1.3 Post-processing
6.2 Results for Original Design
6.3 Criteria for Accuracy
7 Optimization
7.1 Steps Incorporated before Optimization
7.1 First Stage of Optimization
7.2 Second
Stage of Optimization
7.3 Comparison of Results
8 Discussion and Further Work
8.1 Future Work
9 Conclusions
10 References

Author: Suresh Arunachalam, Mohammed Naser Farooqui

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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