Log query server: a design proposal

Clavister AB’s present product line of firewalls all include management software for administering a wide range of network and security related settings such as rules, routes, permissions and logging. Due to new demands and requirements for security, functionality and scalability, a next-generation administration software system is currently being developed.

Part of this initiative, is the desire for a Log Query Server, which is a standalone component to carry out filtering (searching) of firewall log data according to log data queries received from clients. The Log Query Server must provide good log search performance, data security as well as platform-independency. To meet these requirements, an investigation into evaluating the performance and feasibility of a number of implementation techniques is conducted in this thesis. The results are analysed to finally serve as a design proposal for an implementation of the Log Query Server.

The proposed design involves a combination of .NET/C# and C/C++ technology, where .NET provides the higher-level structure and logic, while C libraries encapsulate the most intensive and critical functions.

Author: Frannfors, Mattias

Source: Lulea University of Technology

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