LSP topology awareness for MPLS networks

IQ-Man™ is a software system developed by Operax AB. The IQ-Man™ System manages a QoS scheme in an IP network by allowing applications to reserve bandwidth on the routes through the network. This requires knowledge about the routing topology in the network to perform admission control for these routes. Up-to-date knowledge of the routing topology can be achieved by the use of a probe gathering this information. The current IQ-Man™ includes probing support for traditionally routed IP networks only. The goal of this thesis is to extend IQ-Man™ with support for MPLS networks.

This report presents the implementation of an MPLS probe for the Operax IQ- Man™ System. A number of possible approaches to reach the goal were investigated, of which two approaches were implemented. These approaches were based on SNMP and TELNET respectively, to collect the necessary data from the routers.

Testing of the software was made both in a small lab network and in an MPLS network emulator developed in another master’s thesis.

Author: Nilsson, Martin; Runemo, Per

Source: Luleå University of Technology

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