What is the manager expected to do?

Managerial activities can change as the organizations and their environment change. The organization at Volvo Trucks has gone through several transformations the past years, and that has affected the role of the managers within the organization. The managers responsibilities have increased as more tasks have been outsourced on them, at the same time they have been stripped of some of their support functions and assistants. The purpose of this study is to map out the role of the manager at Volvo Trucks and how much of their total time is spent on different activities. The purpose is also to leave recommendations on how to improve the situation for the managers at Volvo Trucks…


Problem formulation and Purpose
Research approach
Data Collection
Empirical Study Results
Management and leadership
“The Volvo Trucks Way” and “Leadership the Volvo Trucks Way
A good and a bad day at work according to the managers at Volvo Trucks
Changes in the role the past five years
How the managers spend their time
How the managers would like to spend their time
The administration systems
Why changes in the manager role?
Stewarts model of constraints, demands, and managerial choices
Argyris theories of action and double-loop learning
Decoupling applied to Volvo Trucks….

Author: Isabella Sundberg, Victoria Norviit

Source: Stockholm School of Economics

projects, dissertation, thesis, project report

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