Managing Performance in Intermediate Care Services – A Balanced Scorecard Approach

In a free market economy, achieving the highest performance and thereby the organization’s goals is the ultimate responsibility of management. Performance needs to be managed to ensure that the organization is meeting its vision and goals. The Balanced Scorecard is a concept for measuring whether the activities of an organization are in line with its objectives in terms of its vision and its goals. Intermediate Care describes a range of short term health and social care services and interventions that are designed to support older people and promote independence by maximizing functional skills in relation to an individual’s physical and mental health needs. Faced by challenges and the requirements to meet with the changing needs of the service, many Intermediate Care Services as well as other service…..


CHAPTER ONE – Introduction

Chapter Introduction
Organization and society
Management and organizational performance
Managing performance in an organization
Managing performance in healthcare
The Balanced Scorecard
Linking measurement to strategic planning
Intermediate Care
CHAPTER TWO – Literature review
Chapter Introduction
Performance measures
Performance measurement systems
Definitions of the Balanced Scorecard
The origin and development of the Balanced Scorecard
Evolution of the concept
The Balanced scorecard as a measurement and management system
The balanced scorecard as a medium for communication
A holistic approach to measurement and management
A top-down approach to performance management
Criticisms of the Balanced Scorecard
Balanced Scorecard application in the industry
CHAPTER THREE – Conceptual Framework
Chapter Introduction
Problem statement and rationale
Using the Balanced Scorecard to evaluate performance
The BSC approach in the National Health Service
Aim of the study
CHAPTER FOUR – Study Design and Methodology
Chapter Introduction
Reliability and validity of the study
Ethical considerations
Chapter FIVE – Results: Presentation and Discussion
Chapter Introduction
Management and staff involvement
Vision, Mission and Purpose statements
SWOT analysis
Organizational goals
The what/How? Approach
Strategy maps
Measurement tools
Balanced Scorecard
CHAPTER SIX – Conclusions and Recommendations
Chapter Introduction


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