A conceptual framework for marketing strategy in SMEs regarding export performance as an independent variable

In this research a framework has been developed for food exporters, because there were only few strong frameworks in exporting and there were not good ones for Iranian exporters. In this dissertation effects of export performance on organizational commitment to export and also its hidden effect on marketing strategy definition have been considered in order to develop the framework. A new view on export performance has been taken which considers export performance as an independent variable compare to previous ones, also one important consideration which has been chosen is that there is not a pure strategy like standardization or adaptation but it is a matter of degree between these two strategies. After meetings with experts in university and industry and doing pilot test data were collected from Iranian exporter food SMEs from provinces of Iran in order to verify the questions of this research. Results confirmed these hypotheses and some strategies were standardized while some of them were adaptive. Moreover important variables in commitment to export and in marketing strategy have been discussed and it is found that satisfaction with prior year export performance results decrease the commitment of firm in the current year. One of the aims is to show importance and results of export performance in previous year as an independent variable on marketing mix strategy while others considered it as a dependent variable and worked on inverse relationship. These effects have been proved mostly. Also other important variables on defining marketing mix strategy have been shown and effects of export market competition and export market development have been investigated. Finally this framework with help of these factors was developed and has been confirmed with food exporter SMEs questionnaires.

Author: Abolghasemi Kordestani, Arash

Source: LuleƄ University of Technology

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