Mechanical Property Evaluation of Coconut Fibre

This thesis work is eco-friendly, agricultural material. Examples of some non-wood fibre material are also discussed briefly but with emphasis on coconut fibre to evaluate its mechanical properties.Experiments were carried out and the result analyzed to calculate its young modulus,yield stress,stress and strain at break.The results obtained from the test machine were analyzed.Finite element model was created with a commercial software ABAQUS to compare results obtained from the tensile test (experiment) to arrive at meaningful results for validation

Author: Tommy Mikalsen, J├Ârgen Ahnstedt, Andreas Agardh

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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1 Notation
2 Introduction
2.1 Background of Study
2.2 Aim of Work
3 Definition of Terms
3.1 Renewable material
3.2 Recyclable material
3.3 Biodegradable material
3.4 Sustainable material
3.5 Natural material
3.5.1 Natural Fibre
3.5.2 Natural Fibre Classification
4 Examples of Natural Fibre
4.1 Oil Palm Fibre (OLP)
4.2 Pineapple Fibre (PALP)
4.3 Kenaf Fibre
4.4 Bamboo Fibre
4.5 Cassava Fibre
4.6 Coconut Fibre
5 Chemical Composition of coconut Fibre
5.1 Constituents of Coconut Fibre
5.2 Fibre Structure
5.3 Fibre Properties
6 Mechanical Testing
6.2Specimen Preparation
6.3Area Measurement
6.4Experimental Steps Carried Out on (MTS)
6.5 Mechanical Property Characterization
6.5.0 Stress
6.5.1 Strain
6.5.2 Modulus of Elasticity
6.5.3 Yield Stress
6.6 Experimental Result
6.6.1 Inner Fibre curves Load vs. Extension
6.6.2 Outer Fibre curves Load vs. Extension
6.7 Fibre Property
6.7.1 Inner Fibre Curves Stress vs. Strain
6.7.1 Outer Fibre Curves Stress vs. Strain
6.8 Inner and Outer Fibre Comparison
7 Finite Element Modeling and Result
7.1 Brief Introduction to ABAQUS/CAE
7.2 Pre-Processing
7.3 Simulation
7.4 Post-Processing
7.5 Results
7.5.1 Stress and Strain Inner Fibre FEM
7.5.2 Stress and Strain Outer Fibre FEM
7.6 Comparison of Experimental Work and FEM
Comparison between Experiment and FEM
Comparison between Experiment and FEM
8 Conclusion and Future Work
9 References
Appendix A-Experimental work
Appendix B-ABAQUS/CAE Model
Appendix C-ABAQUS/CAE Input Files
Appendix D-MATLAB Input Files

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