The Ecstasy and Methamphetamine Drug Epidemics: Implications for Prevention and Control

This report can be described as an overview of the ecstasy and methamphetamine epidemics. It tries to discover the distinctions between the 2 drug epidemics and examine the potential factors why the ecstasy epidemic was relatively constrained while methamphetamine use is still a rising issue in several areas. Proof for the epidemics, along with the responses to the epidemics, will be talked about. This will consist of reactions from local, state and federal govt, communities, and the press. Prevention programs and treatment will also be attended to….

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Chapter 1: Epidemics
1.1 Models of Drug Epidemics
1.2 Examples of Drug Epidemics
1.3 Measuring Drug Use
1.4 Prevention Messages
1.5 Legislation
1.6 Treatment
Chapter 2: Ecstasy (MDMA)
2.1 The Basics
2.2 The Ecstasy Epidemic
2.3 Prevention Messages
2.4 Legislation and Law Enforcement
2.5 Treatment Information
Chapter 3: Methamphetamine
3.1 The Basics
3.2 The Methamphetamine Epidemic
3.3 Prevention Messages
3.4 Legislation and Law Enforcement
3.5 Treatment Information
Chapter 4: Comparative Analysis of the Ecstasy and Methamphetamine Epidemics
4.1 Comparison………

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