Detection of flow pulsation by micro-controller equipped ultrasonic flow meter

This thesis demonstrates that the small micro-controller present in ultrasonic flow meters can detect error inducing flow pulsations. The implemented code is provided in the appendices.

The application targets the district heating industry where the use of ultrasonic flow meters is growing more and more common as they are accurate, non-intrusive and low cost. District heating companies desire accurate and low cost flow measurement. An underestimation of the flow rate leads to a loss of income and the total cost of measuring, the reading, maintenance and installation represents a relatively large part of the total cost.

Recently, in competitive market, micro-controllers have become inexpensive and those are capable of doing complex computations. In this thesis, as part of self-diagnosis techniques, the detection of the pulsating flow is implemented on an 8-bit ATMEL AVR micro-controller. It saves a huge installation cost and is economically beneficial for an industry. Serial communication and data conversion are also implemented to receive velocity input data. The work shows that even with an 8-bit micro-controller flow pulsations are detectable.

Author: Sarker, Shuvra Dev

Source: LuleƄ University of Technology

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