Mobile alarm: an evaluation of technology and implementation of a working prototype

At one stage or another elderly people stop feeling safe outside their homes. The question what to do when something bad happens, like falling down or loosing consciousness, while being out of reach from their static home mounted safety alarms. Cellular phones provide little relief as it might be hard to use if the accident is a fact.

This thesis is part of a project that investigated if there was a way to use mobile equipment to provide the people, experiencing this lack of security, with a mobile alarm device. It tries to answer whether this can be done in a way that prolong the feeling of the user being safe, and at the same provide the user with the same ability to send distress calls as with the home mounted alarms.

The content of this written work starts o® by describing the task to solve and then moves on to describing the equipment used and how an alarm receiving application can be implemented. It also covers the tests which were conducted when the prototype mobile alarm system was completed, and the lessons that have been learned.

Author: Nyman, Simon

Source: Lulea University of Technology

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