A policy based Mobile Base Unit (MBU) control system using OSGi

This project report offers a policy-based control system for the Mobile Base Unit (MBU). The Mobile Base Unit (MBU) performs as a gateway between a body area network and the network employed by health providers. A body area network includes wired sensors and actuators on a human body. The existing specification of the Mobile Base Unit (MBU) doesn’t allow the adaptation of alterations externally, e.g. user preference modifications or environment changes. Earlier studies have highlighted the design of a policy-based control mechanism that permits the adaptability of an Mobile Base Unit (MBU). A policy is a rule that determines to take action if specific external changes are met. As an implementation of the policy-based control mechanism, a service oriented architecture could be employed. In these kinds of architecture, functionalities are put into atomic services. These services communicate with one another. The OSGi framework is a type of service oriented architecture. A benefit of this architecture is the facilities it offers for services. We apply a policy-based control mechanism to control the Mobile Base Unit (MBU).

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1 Introduction
1.1 Problem description
1.2 Approach
1.3 Outline
2 Mobihealth: an M-health application
2.1 Overview
2.2 Mobihealth components
2.3 Component interactions
2.4 Bandwidth demands
2.5 Requirements of the control system
2.6 Summary
3 Policies and policy-based models
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Policy de nitions
3.3 Policy representation
3.4 Policy properties
3.5 A policy structure
3.6 Policy-based models
3.7 Mobihealth and policies
3.8 Summary
4 The OSGi framework: a service oriented architecture
4.1 Overview
4.2 OSGi framework layer model
4.3 OSGi services
4.4 Framework implementations
4.5 OSGi and policies
4.6 Summary
5 Policy specification for an Mobile Base Unit  MBU control system
5.1 Policy structure
5.2 Policy specification
6 An architecture for a policy-based Mobile Base Unit MBU control system
6.1 External system perspective
6.2 Internal system perspective
6.3 Re ned internal system perspective
7 Implementation of policies and the policy-based control system in the OSGi framework
7.1 Policy implementation in OSGi
7.2 OSGi implementation of the policy-based architecture
7.3 Prototype implementation and examples
8 Conclusion
8.1 Conclusion and contributions
8.2 Future work
A Policy pseudo code
A.1 Generic connection policy
A.2 Generic sensor policy
A.3 Function library

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Source: University of Twente

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