Opportunities for mobile solutions in the process industry: a case study at SSAB

This master’s thesis purpose is to find opportunities for mobile solutions within the process industry and describe the specific requirements on the equipment that arises in this type of industry. Another objective is to study business opportunities with respect to mobile solutions. The communication devices that are used at SSAB are cell phones, computers, short-range radios, intercoms and ordinary telephones. These different communication systems create confusion and inefficient communication. If a Push-to-Talk solution is used the number of different communication systems needed would be far less but the same services would still be provided. Furthermore, the maintenance personnel as well as SSAB’s documentation could benefit from a Smart Phone solution from which the enterprise resource planning system can be accessed. The work tasks as well as the rough environment at SSAB create a need for an all-in-one device that can withstand heavy abuse but nevertheless fit into the pocket of the working clothes. Business opportunities with these solutions arise from a more efficient communication due to a fewer number of systems as well as from a more appropriate system. Better documentation and more efficient repairs are also benefits which can occur from a Smart Phone solution.

Author: Arnesson, Claes

Source: Lulea University of Technology

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