Early fault detection with model-based testing

Present and future trends for software include progressively complex requirements on interaction between systems. Because of this, the difficulty of system testing increases. Model based testing is a test technique in which test cases are generated from a model of the system. In this particular research we investigate model-based testing on the system-level, beginning with early development. We apply model-based testing to a subsystem of a message gateway product to be able to increase early fault detection. According to our experiences, we present some challenges and strategies for system-level, model-based testing. Early results reveal that model-based testing considerably improves the number of faults detected during system testing….


1.1 Purpose
1.2 Approach
1.3 Overview
2 Related Research
2.1 Model-based testing
2.1.1 Model types
2.1.2 Model abstraction
2.1.3 Model notation
2.1.4 Concretizing abstract test cases
2.1.5 Online and offine testing
2.1.6 Available tools
2.1.7 Quviq QuickCheck
2.2 Model-based testing in industry
2.3 Measuring early fault detection
2.3.1 Fault-Slip-Through
2.3.2 ODC trigger analysis
2.4 Research Questions and Hypothesis
3 Methods
3.1 Research cycles
3.2 Site of study
3.2.1 Experience of model-based testing
3.3 Researchers role
3.4 Data collection and analysis
3.4.1 Fault Analysis
3.4.2 Fault-slip-through
3.4.3 ODC trigger analysis
3.4.4 Qualitative interviews
3.4.5 Observations
3.5 Model-based testing tool
3.6 Verification
4 System under study
4.1 The IMAP4 protocol
4.2 The Wireless Village protocol
5 Modeling and Testing Challenges
5.1 Quickcheck Abstract State Machines
5.2 The EMGW state
5.3 Adaptor
5.4 Generating IMAP commands
5.5 ASM callback functions
5.6 Challenges and lessons learned
5.7 Presentation of test results
5.7.1 Evaluation
6 Results
6.1 Detected faults
6.1.1 Release X
6.1.2 Release X+0.5
6.1.3 Release X+1
6.1.4 Summary – Phase Input Quality
6.2 Perceived impact and feedback
7 Discussion
7.1 Complexity of protocol
7.2 Stability of IM gateway…

Source: Goteborg University

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