Creating a model for customer loyalty in banking industry of Iran

The customer loyalty concept has received much attention from both academics and practitioners in different industry. Banking industry is also not excluded and because it has a highly interaction with the customers, getting familiar with this concept would be very important and helpful for managers in defining strategies. So this research attempts to find the customer loyalty factors and their relationships with banking industry in one of the developing countries in order to provide a model for this concept.

In order to do this a questionnaire is designed and validated ,then based on the data which were gained from the 400 respondents’ answers to the designed questionnaire, the analysis is done on and the results and the relations are explained. Satisfaction, choosing, habit, tangible and intangible service quality and switching cost are the factors which influence the loyalty factor. To analyze the data, SPSS and LISREL software were used. It is hoped that this Master thesis would be helpful and interesting for both academics and practitioners.

Author: Abdollahi, Golrou

Source: Luleå University of Technology

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