Developing and testing a model for explaining customer retention formation: case of Iranian mobile telecommunication services

Customer retention is a concept gaining more and more attention in today’s business when loyal customers are considered as essential components to organizational success. Therefore, corporations, strive to identify and manage effective methods to retain their customers more and more. Customer retention will lead the company of having more loyal customers and as a result more profit and market share. However, not enough studies have been conducted on the subject of the mobile telecommunication services industry inside Iran; some research papers have been published globally.

This study has some objectives: first, to identify variables that influence customer retention based on literature and previous researches. Second, it will look for other determinants to be added to past theories, finds on, environmental dynamism, and will validate it based on the ideas from experts and managers who are involved in this market. And finally will to carry out an empirical analysis, according to the collected questionnaires, to evaluate and apply the proposed model in the Iran’s market.

Author: Peighambari, Kaveh

Source: Luleå University of Technology

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