Data reduction and modelling of velocity fields for blue compact galaxies

Methods for data reduction of spectral data of the H-alpha line from Fabry-Perot observations with the CIGALE instrument of blue compact galaxies (BCGs) are developed. Velocity fields describing the dynamics of BCGs are created by converting redshifts of the H-alpha line (determined by fitting one or two Gaussian functions to each spectrum) to velocities for all measured points.

Methods for extraction of position-velocity diagrams and slit rotation curves from velocity fields are created for a one dimensional description of the dynamics of a galaxy.

A framework for creating synthetic velocity fields based on simple models is created. This framework is used to develop routines for fitting models of galaxy dynamics to BCGs for a two-dimensional description of the dynamics of the galaxies.

Finally a tilted ring model is developed with the purpose of testing if rotation curves for BCGs can be extracted in the same way as for spiral galaxies.

Author: Stabis, Joel

Source: Lulea University of Technology

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