Logging and monitoring of TCP traffic in SSH-tunnels

The work documented in this thesis has been carried out at Ericsson Microwave Systems AB in LuleĆ„. The company has developed a system for remote support. The system enables personnel working at Ericsson to access equipment at their customers’ sites via the Internet or other networks. There are several reasons for providing such a standardized system. For example, if a customer calls Ericsson requesting support for a specific system, setting up a connection “Ad hoc” can be very time consuming and it is often a waste of resources. Developing a standard method for accessing the remote hardware removes these complexities. The system developed by Ericsson is called “The Remote Support Gateway”, or RSG.

Historically, when Ericsson’s customers needed support, a support engineer would be sent to their site to do the job. The customer could observe the work being conducted on their systems just by standing next to the engineer. With the new remote support systems they have limited possibilities to monitor the engineer. The RSG system provides some features allowing monitoring and logging of certain things, but the solution is not complete. Therefore it was decided to extend the possibilities. This thesis describes the development of those extensions.

The result is a software application which records, replays and monitors the described activities inside the RSG system. The application is divided into several parts, one for each operation.

The programs developed as part of this thesis are of practical use to Ericsson. The results are also of use for other things, which they were not originally intended, such as debugging or creating visual demonstrations of other applications.

Author: Persson, Anton

Source: Lulea University of Technology

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