Mueller matrix ellipsometry on advanced nanostructures

Ellipsometry is an optical technique used for studies of thin films and surfaces. The technique is based on measurement and analysis of the changes in the state of polarization that occur when polarized light is reflected on a sample surface. The multichannel Mueller matrix ellipsometer is a new system that is about to enter the commercial market…


1 Introduction
2 Theory
2.1 Electromagnetism
2.1.1 Material constants
2.1.2 The refractive index N
2.2 Anisotropy
2.3 Plane waves
2.4 Polarized light
2.5 Jones vector representation
2.5.1 Normalization
2.5.2 Rotation of coordinate system
2.6 Stokes vectors
2.6.1 The Stokes parameters
2.6.2 Rotation of coordinate system
2.7 Jones matrices
2.7.1 Properties of the Jones matrix
2.7.2 Jones matrices of basic optical devices
2.7.3 Jones matrix of an optical device that has been rotated
2.8 The Mueller matrix
2.8.1 Some Mueller matrices
2.8.2 The Mueller matrix of an optical device that has been rotated
2.9 Optics of layered media
2.9.1 Simple layered media
2.10 Anisotropic media
3 Ellipsometry
3.1 The main principles
3.1.1 The complex reflectance ratio
3.1.2 Generalized ellipsometry
3.1.3 Mueller matrix ellipsometry
3.2 Ellipsometric analysis
3.2.1 Optical modeling of isotropic layered media
3.2.2 Modeling anisotropic media
4 Instrumentation
4.1 Rotating Analyzer Ellipsometer with Compensator
4.2 Theoretical description of the principles of the Dual Rotating Com-pensator Ellipsometer
5 Measurements and results
5.1 Measurements on VASE
5.2 Measurements on RC2
5.3 Isotropic samples
5.3.1 Measurement parameters
5.3.2 Experimental results
5.4 Anisotropic samples…


Author: Magnusson, Roger

Source: Linköping University

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