Multiplayer Games in Mobile Terminals

Today’s mobile terminals have many similarities with personal computers, for example, the possibility to add new applications. The Java programming language is known for its mobility between platforms and it is available for mobile terminals. TeliaSonera have a mobile network that can be used for data services. However, it has different characteristics than the high-speed low-latency Internet.

The annual sales of computer games in the world are estimated to 30 billion dollars and mobile terminals can introduce computer games to new situations. However, multiplayer games have not yet been a success for mobile terminals. The purpose is therefore to do a literature study in four areas of importance for the development and commercialisation of mobile multiplayer games and to develop a demonstration version of a multiplayer game for a mobile terminal.

A multiplayer game is developed and the steps in the development process are described from the initial game idea to the network latency measurements of the finished game. The result of the measurements shows that mobile networks are still evolving but latency tolerant multiplayer games are possible today.

Author: Hedlund, Mattias; Maxe, Robert

Source: Lulea University of Technology

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