The experience of Multiple Sclerosis related fatigue

Background: Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is definitely a chronic disease which primarily attacks young adults in working age, two times as many women than men falls ill. Roughly 85 % suffers from Multiple Sclerosis related fatigue which splits itself from common fatigue in that way that it’s prolonged and doesn’t vanish regardless of sleep. This Multiple Sclerosis fatigue is probably the most challenging symptoms, that has substantial influence on the day to day life.

Goal: The objective in the research was to elucidate how MS-related fatigue was experienced by individuals with Multiple Sclerosis.

Approach: The research has been executed as a literature study by means of thorough review of scientific articles. Content analysis was utilized to be able to attain the result.

Results: The evaluation led to 10 subcategories and 3 primary categories. Primary categories were; Feelings contributing to frustration, fatigue – a consistent present feeling, and a feeling of being able to master ones’ existence. The different experiences had a substantial impact on the individual with Multiple Sclerosis and the latter’s relation to its family, working life and leisure hours.

Summary: Due to the fact MS-related fatigue has a major impact on the individual with the diagnosis, it is crucial that more tests within the region is done, to be able to improve the understanding and the knowledge, so that as good nursing as possible could be designed based on the requirements of the person with Multiple Sclerosis…

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