Network gaming backend services

As multiplayer network gaming becomes more popular, the numbers of players and servers increase. A popular multiplayer game can have thousands of servers and players. Such a game requires a system for players to find fast game servers with specific characteristics. Furthermore more functionality such as player rankings can be provided to make the game even more popular.

This thesis evaluates different backend services for network computer games. Services for finding game servers on the Internet and selecting subsets of these servers are studied and how to create such services are investigated. Licensing, statistics and player rankings are also examples of services that are studied.

The main focus of the thesis is put on the system for finding game servers. A prototype including a master server, a game server API and a game client API has been designed, implemented and tested. Test show that the system can handle thousands of servers and players. Furthermore has an authentication system for letting game servers authenticating players been designed, implemented and tested.

Author: Karlsson, Thomas

Source: Lulea University of Technology

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