Network Testing in a Testbed Simulator using Combinatorial Structures

This report covers one of the most demanding issues of network users i.e. network testing. Network testing in this study is about performance evaluation of networks, by putting traffic load gradually to determine the queuing delay for different traffics. Testing of such operations is becoming complex and necessary due to use of real time applications such as voice and video traffic, parallel to elastic data of ordinary applications over WAN links…


1 Introduction
1.1 Preamble
1.2 Aims and Objectives
1.3 Research Questions
1.4 Expected Outcomes
1.5 Research Methodology
1.6 Target Industry of CTBS
2 Background and Related Work
2.1 Problems Experienced by Focus Groups
2.2 Network Testing
2.3 Network Testing on Simulators
2.4 Network Load Metrics
2.5 Combinatorial Testing
3 Problem Definition
3.1 Scope and Definition of Problem
3.2 Sub-questions
3.3 Research Questions Interdependency
3.4 Goal
4 Research Methodology
4.1 Overview
4.2 Literature Study
4.3 Focus Groups as Qualitative Methodology
4.3.1 Data collection procedure
4.3.2 Questionnaire
4.4 Experiment as Quantitative Methodology
5 Theoretical Work
5.1 Network Model
5.1.1 Network QoS and SLAs
5.2 Network Testing
5.2.1 Load and stress testing
5.2.2 Load metrics
5.3 Simulation Technique
5.3.1 Network simulation techniques
5.3.2 Development life cycle
5.3.3 Evaluation criteria
5.3.4 Use of simulation in quantitative experiments
5.4 Combinatorial Structures
5.4.1 Combinatorial structures for generating test data
5.4.2 Automated testing in network scenario
5.5 Architecture of CTBS
6 Empirical Study
6.1 Focus Groups as Qualitative Approach
6.1.1 Data collection procedure
6.1.2 Open ended questionnaire
6.1.3 Data analysis and interpretation
6.1.4 Validity and accuracy of findings
6.2 Experiment as Quantitative Approach
6.2.1 Definition
6.2.2 Objects of study
6.2.3 Purpose
6.2.4 Perspective
6.2.5 Context
6.2.6 Context selection
6.2.7 Variable selection
6.2.8 Selection of subjects
6.2.9 Instrumentation
6.2.10 Validity evaluation
6.2.11 Execution of pilot runs
6.2.12 Validity of simulation
6.2.13 Execution of combinatorial run
7 Analysis Of Results
Future Work
Appendix A

Author: Muhammad Ahsan Asim

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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