Using Web2.0 Aspect for Designing a New Business Incubation Model

This thesis work has examined and analyzed a new operating model in business incubation era, based on utilizing the second generation of web. The main objective of this survey is developing a model of representing many of business incubation services, by enlarging the network relationships between entrepreneurs (including innovative start-up firms), in order to let them share their own experiences, business knowledge, and abilities, in a mass-collaborative networking system. Business incubation is a dynamic process of enterprise development, which accelerates the successful development of start-up and fledging companies by providing entrepreneurs with an array of targeted resources and services. The basic idea of this survey is applying social aspect of web 2.0 regarding to develop a new business model, based on the fact that many of business incubating services…


CHAPTER I: Introduction and Research Design
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Problem Discussion
1.3 Research Question and Objectives
1.4 Research Methodology
CHAPTER II: Background of Research; Business Incubation Overview
2.1 Introduction to Business Incubator
2.2 Impacts of different factors on differing Incubators
2.3 Operational Business models, used in Incubators
2.4 Business Incubation Process
CHAPTER III: Web solutions & Networking System in Business Incubation
3.1 Web Solutions in Business Incubation; Virtual incubators
3.2 European Virtual Incubator (EVI); Case Study
3.3 Networking in Incubator
3.4 Social Capital & BI Networking
CHAPTER IV: Empirical Observations; Based on the Author’s Practical Experiences –
4.1 IUST Business & Technology Incubator; Case Study
4.2 What do Entrepreneurs need from Incubators?
4.3 What do Incubators need to be more efficient?
4.4 Classifying and Summarizing the Practical findings
CHAPTER V: Web2.0 Approach & its Impacts on Business Activities
5.1 What is Web2.0?
5.2 Social Networking System (SNS)
5.3 How SNS Sites Work? Case of facebook & LinkedIn
5.4 WIKI & Knowledge Management
5.5 How Web2.0 affects Business? Enterprise2.0 & Wikinomics
CHAPTER VI: Web2.0-based Business Incubation Model
6.1 Basic Characteristics of Web2.0-based Incubation Model
6.2 The Central Core of Web2.0-based incubation model; SNS platform
6.3 Entrepreneurs as Incubator
CHAPTER VII: Analyzing & Conclusion
7.1 Positive and Negative Points
7.2 Conclusion
7.3 Further Suggestion

Author: Roozbeh Abbasi Brojeni

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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