Magnetoelastic Coupling in NiMnGa Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloy

NiMnGa alloys have attracted extensive attention because their ferromagnetic characteristic provides an additional degree of freedom to control both the shape memory effect and the multi-stage phase transformations in this Heusler system. Technically, along with the large magnetic-field-induced strains…


1 The Martensitic Transformation
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Diffusional Transformations
1.3 Diffusionless Transformations
1.4 Martensitic Transformations
1.4.1 Diffusionless Characteristics
1.4.2 Martensite Crystallography
1.5 Shape Memory Alloys
1.5.1 Shape Memory Effects
1.5.2 Thermoelastic Shape Memory Alloys
1.5.3 Ferromagnetic Shape Memory Alloys
1.6 Premartensitic Transformations
1.6.1 Charge Density Waves
1.6.2 Martensite Nucleation
1.6.3 Precursor Effects
2 Phase Transformations in NiMnGa FSMAs
2.1 Martensitic NiMnGa
2.1.1 Introduction
2.1.2 Crystal Structures of Martensitic NiMnGa
2.1.3 Magnetic-field-induced Strains in NiMnGa
2.2 Premartensitic NiMnGa
2.2.1 Multi-stage Transformations in NiMnGa
2.2.2 Precursor Phenomena in NiMnGa
2.3 Research Motivations
3 Actuation Field in Martensitic Ni49.0Mn23.5Ga27.5 Alloy
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Experimental Procedures
3.2.1 Sample Information
3.2.2 Experimental Methods
3.2.3 SPD technique
3.3 Results and Discussions
4 Elastic and Magnetic Properties of Ni49.0Mn23.5Ga27.5 Premartensite
4.1 Introduction…


Author: Zhao, Peng

Source: University of Maryland

Keywords: projects, dissertation, thesis, project report

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