On noise and hearing loss: Prevalence and reference data

Noise exposure is one of the most prevalent causes of irreversible occupational disease. In hearing conservation programs, aimed at preventing noise-induced hearing loss, audiometry is an important instrument to highlight the risks and to assess the effectiveness of the program. A hazardous working environment…


2.1 The auditory system – anatomy and physiology
2.1.1 The outer ear
2.1.2 The middle ear
2.1.3 The inner ear
2.1.4 The central auditory system
2.2 Hearing impairment
2.2.1 Presbyacusis
2.2.2 Noise-induced hearing loss
2.3 Audiometry in noise-induced hearing loss
2.3.1 Tympanometry
2.3.2 Recording of otoacoustic emissions
2.3.3 Pure-tone audiometry
2.4 Noise
2.4.1 Exposure to noise
2.4.2 Exposed groups in the society
2.5 Reference data
2.5.1 Criteria for good reference data
2.5.2 Previous studies and results
2.6 Purpose of the dissertation
Contribution of the present work
3.1 Aims of the studies…..


Author: Johansson, Magnus

Source: Linköping University

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