Online Advertisement Management Program: OAMP

Online advertisement is an increasing business at the Internet and it continuously grows together with the expanding use of Internet services. There are often a gap between the economical understanding in a business and the technical implementation. The lack of understanding between the different directions often results in software that has not been fully worked out.

With this thesis there has been focus on knowing what the market needs in form of an online advertising software and creating an implementation that would fully support the technical platform that the visitors have today. By knowing the requirements and possibilities from both of these worlds we could create a very effective software implementation for advertisement online.

The overall idea with this thesis was to research the current market, the need of advertisement solutions and then develop a program fulfilling these requirements so that it would fit into a current affiliate program solution at Ongame E-solutions AB.

The background of how affiliates work together with companies in general is described in this report. The price indication and traffic statistics for the different price models are also described. IP addresses, the Internet Protocol and description of geographical data related to this is described in the report to give an understanding for the research and what results we want to achieve.

The report includes a theoretical review of several of the biggest online advertising companies and their technical solutions. The report also include a technical description of the software implementation of the Online Advertisement Management Program (OAMP) that was developed to handle the presentation of the statistical results but that also focus on the business relationship against the affiliate and the visitors themselves. The review further describes the environment and requirements for the existing online advertisement programs to give the background for the stated target.

Our statistical research of how the visitors’ technical setup look like show that it is necessary to have an advertising solution also for the browsers without Flash support. The report gives an example of a JavaScript code that is able to detect Flash support in both the web browser Internet Explorer and the web browser Firefox.

The affiliate would with the OAMP implementation get to use software that both lessen the burden with requirement of technical skills and related decisions. It would also minimize the manual work of continuously reviewing how the visitors react on the presented advertisement. Further, the visitors would get more accurate information presented through the advertisements that would hopefully change the thought of the annoying irrelevant ads to the thought of marketing material that often could present a relevant service or a related product.

The results from a real life test with the OAMP implementation is compared to a traditional static view of the advertisements. The conclusion from the real life tests shows that by using the OAMP we got a significantly higher click through rate at the same set of banners compared to when using the traditional advertisement program.

Author: Edvardsen, Marcus

Source: Lulea University of Technology

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