Open Source Software: A Trend Report

Developments in electronic and communication technology have affected every profession in the past decades and libraries are no exception. Libraries of all types are challenged to provide greater information access and improved levels of service, while coping with the pace of technological change and ever-increasing budget pressure.

Author: Amin, Saiful

Source: Documentation and Research Training Centre, Indian Statistical Institute

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Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Use of Software in Libraries
· Why Automate?
· Software Needs for Automation
· Software Needs for Value Added Services
· Software Needs for DL Initiatives

Chapter 3 – What is OSS?
· What is OSS?
· Criteria for OSS
· The OSS movement
· Why adopt OSS in Libraries?

Chapter 4 – Software Tools for Automation
· Integrated Solutions
· Databases
· Cataloguing/MARC Tools
· Z39.50 Tools
· Barcode Makers

Chapter 5 – Software Tools for Value Added Services
· Library Portal Solutions
· User Services
· Subject Gateways

Chapter 6 – Software Tools for DL Initiatives
· Digital Library Solutions
· DL-like Software
· OAI-PMH Tools

Chapter 7 – Miscellaneous Supporting Tools
· HTML tools
· XML tools
· Information Retrieval Tools

Chapter 8 – Conclusion
· Barriers in Using OSS
· Criteria for Selection of OSS
· Conclusion

Chapter 9 – Appendix – OSI Certified Licenses

Chapter 10 – Selective Bibliography

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