Synthesis and Optical Properties of ZnO Nanostructures

One-dimensional ZnO nanostructures have great potential applications in the fields of optoelectronic and sensor devices. Therefore, it is really important to realize the controllable growth of one-dimensional ZnO nanostructures and investigate their properties. The main points for this thesis are not only to successfully realize the controllable growth of ZnO nonawires, nanorods and quantum dots (QDs), and also investigate the structure and optical properties in detail by the methods of scan electron microscope(SEM), transmission electron microscope(TEM), resonant Raman, photoluminescence(PL) and low-temperature time resolved PL grown ZnO nanorod arrays (ZNAs) on Si substrates…


1 Introduction
2 Structural and optical properties of ZnO
2.1 Crystal and surface stucture of ZnO
2.2 Basic physical parameters for ZnO
2.3 Energy band gap
2.4 Optical properties of ZnO
2.4.1 Optical properties of semiconductor
2.4.2 Optical properties of ZnO
2.4.3 Surface recombination
3 Sample preparation and characterization techniques
3.1 Sample preparation
3.1.1 Substrate pre-treatment
3.1.2 CBD growth
3.1.3 Annealing
3.2 Characterization techniques
3.2.1 Scanning electron microscope
3.2.2 X-ray diffraction
3.2.3 Atomic force microscope
3.2.4 Raman spectroscopy
3.2.5 Photoluminescence spectroscopy
4 Conclusion and outlook

Author: Yang, Li-Li

Source: Linköping University

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