New Methodology for Optical Sensing and Analysis

This thesis details the investigation I’ve carried out, and partly will do, during my time as a PhD college student in the laboratory of Applied Optics. Because of circumstances beyond the scope of this book, this incorporates 3 quite different projects. The first two, including gas sensing and measuring on paper with ellipsometry, have been discontinued, whereas the 3rd one, measuring fluorescence with a computer screen and web digital camera, is in full progress and will be until I complete my studies.Thus the aim of this work also has various aspects. Partly, it details performed research and its outcomes, and also theoretical background. On the other hand, it provides practical and theoretical background needed for future work. While the three projects are really very different, each of them has some things that resembles each of the other. This is actually also true for the required theory. Two of them involve spectroscopic ellipsometry, for example, while another pair needs knowledge of color theory, etc. This makes it difficult to separate the projects, despite of their differences. Hopefully, these links between the different projects, hooking up the various chapters, will make this work whole and consistent in its own way….

1 Introduction
2 Elementary Optics
2.1 Interaction of electromagnetic waves with matter
2.2 Reflection from layered structures
2.3 Effective medium approximation
3 Ellipsometry
3.1 Principles
3.2 Measurement
3.3 Analysis
4 Fluorescence
4.1 Excitation and emission
4.2 Fluorescence in practice
5 Color theory and color reproduction
5.2 Color vision
5.3 Color reproduction
6 Computer screens
7.1 Physical principle
7.2 Readout
7.3 Color
8 Porous silicon
8.1 Fabrication
8.2 Structure and analysis
9 Paper
9.1 Paper science and research
9.2 Gloss
10 Prospects
11 References…

Source: Linköping University

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