Understanding Oral Cancer – A Lifeworld Approach

Dental engagement with oral cancer sufferers in their therapy and rehabilitation could be prolonged and intense. Just how can dental staff better realize their role in the therapy of these patients? How does treatment impact the patients along with their spouses? While exploring for answers, the theories of phenomenography, phenomenology and hermeneutics are employed to clarify and interpret the experiences of the hospital dental care teams, oral cancer patients, as well as their spouses. Research reveals that healthcare facility dental treatment teams comprehend the experience with head and neck cancer patients in 3 qualitatively distinct ways; as an act of caring, as a serious and responsible job, and as a difficult emotional situation, suggesting that they are not always in a position to lean on education and professional training in dealing with situations with strong emotional impact…

The following video is about Oral cancer


2. Introduction
3. Background
Oral Cancer
Factors of influence in the service of healthcare
Lifeworld research approaches
4. Introduction to Studies I-IV
5. Professionals’ perspectives – Study I
6. Patients’ perspectives – Study II
7. Spouses’ perspectives – Study III
8. Lifeworld after treatment – Study IV
9. Discussion of main findings
Discussion of methods
10. Conclusions
11. Future research………..

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