Outward FDI and Trade Performance

In the global world FDI is the most prominent economic development factor for the growth of home and host countries GDP. FDI and Trade performances are positively engage in the complementarity or substitutability relationship depending on the country factors advantages and microeconomic and macroeconomic scale of economies in firm and industrial level. The main objective of this paper is to expose how outward FDI influence home country‚Äôs export performance…


1. Introduction
1.1 Why study FDI
2. Foreign direct investment
2.1 How Has FDI Changed in the Past Decade
2.2 Global FDI and Trend
2.3 Outward FDI statistics, Sweden
3. Trade Theories, MNE and FDI
3.1 Why study trade theory
3.2 An overview of Trade Theory
3.3 Conclusion
4. Literature review
4.1 Exports from Sweden
5. Empirical Analysis and results
6. Conclusions

Author: Mohammad Hasan

Source: Blekinge Institute of Technology

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