Does ownership affect performance?: Evidence from Chinese listed companies

The relation between ownership and corporate performance has been an important and debated subject within the corporate governance framework, for that it has received considerable attention previously. As the relation indicated by traditional agency theory is that ownership is an important determinant of performance…


1. Introduction
1.1 Problem background
1.2 Research Question and research purpose
1.3 Disposition
2. Research Methodology
2.1 Choice of subject
2.2 Preconceptions
2.3 Research Approach
2.4 Research Strategy
2.5 Choice of theories
2.6 Selection of sources and criticism
2.7 Validity
2.8 Reliability
3. Theoretical Framework and Literature Review
3.1 Corporate governance and agency problem
3.2 Principle of proportionality
3.3 Corporate governance in Chinese listed company
3.3.1 Corporate governance feature of listed companies in China
3.3.2 Corporate governance structure in Chinese listed companies
3.4 Ownership structure and ownership characteristic in Chinese listed companies
3.4.1 Ownership structure
3.4.2 Ownership characteristic
3.5 Firm’s performance-Tobin’s q and ROA
3.6 Ownership and firm’s performance
3.7 The association between ownership and firm’s performance from prior studies
4. Empirical Study
4.1 Sample and data collection
4.2 Dependent variable/ Tobin’s q and ROA
4.3 The measurement of ownership concentration………


Author: Zackariasson, Peter

Source: Umea University

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Keywords: Project Reports, Dissertation, Thesis

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