The Design of a Packing Line in a Manufacturing Company

Introduction : In many companies order picking process is becoming year by year more important. Successful order picking is necessary for fast order shipment to customer. On market which is full of competitors, fast shipment becomes order qualifier. In case of some specific products – for instance pharmacy, it might become order winner.The order picking systems in mail order companies was chosen as a subject of a thesis, because there is none publication which gathers all the aspects of picking process. In the picking process there is still field for improvements.


In today’s competitive global economy, the focus is on faster delivery of orders at lower total costs. In this paper we are interested in several aspects of order picking systems. We examine the influence of station layout, storage policy, picking policy and sorting solution on order picking system performance. On each of the analysis we consider a few solutions. We determine influence of different number of station in raw on picking system performance. We design the replenishment system supported by kanban philosophy with implemented economical order quantity (EOQ) and reorder point (ROP). The picking system is designed for assumed product’s demand values. The assessment of each of the solution is done through Arena simulation model. The results show that properly designed station with reasonable storage policy and implemented batching policy brings significant raise in order picking system productivity. In addition, we found that proper sortation system logic allows for more equal workload and reduction of maximum queue lengths. The results offer solutions to managers looking to implement improvements in order picking systems.


1 Thesis introduction
1.1 Background
1.1.1 Literature overview
1.2 Problem formulation
1.3 Aim and thesis’ objectives
1.4 Scope
1.5 Limitations
1.6 Methodology
1.7 Outline of thesis report
1.8 Scope definitions
2 Description of the problem
2.1 Detailed problem formulation
2.2 Detailed packaging line requirements
2.3 Order picking system acceptance criteria
3 System configuration
3.1 Mechanical assembly system characteristic
3.2 Manual assembly characteristic
4 The reference model
4.1 Reference station layout
4.2 Reference storage policy
4.3 Reference picking policy
4.4 Reference replenishment process
4.5 Reference sorting solution
5 The order picking system analysis
5.1 Number of zones
5.2 Station layout
5.2.1 Revision of the possible station arrangements
5.2.2 Fast moving products station layout
5.2.3 Number of fast moving products U shape stations
5.2.4 Medium moving products station layout
5.2.5 Number of medium moving products stations.
5.2.6 Slow moving products station layout
5.2.7 Number of slow moving products stations
5.3 Storage policies
5.4 Picking policies
5.5 Replenishment process
5.6 Sorting solution
6 Conclusion
7 Further research

Author: Kawczynski, Lukasz

Source: Linkoping University

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