Implementing a parametric EQ plug-in in C++ using the multi-platform VST specification

As the processing power of desktop computer systems increase by every year, more and more real-time audio signal processing is performed on such systems. What used to be done in external effects units, e.g. adding reverb, can now be accomplished within the computer system using signal processing code modules – plug-ins. This thesis describes the development of a peak/notch parametric EQ VST plug-in. First a prototype was made in the graphical audio programming environment Max/MSP on MacOS, and then a C++ implementation was made using the VST Software Development Kit. The C++ source code was compiled on both Windows and MacOS, resulting in versions of the plug-in that can be used in any VST host application on Windows and MacOS respectively. Writing a plug-in relieves the programmer of the burden to deal directly with audio interface details and graphical user interface specifics, since this is taken care of by the host application. It can thus be an interesting way to start developing audio DSP algorithms, since the host application also provides the opportunity to listen to and measure the performance of the implemented plug-in algorithm.

Author: Ekeroot, Jonas

Source: LuleƄ University of Technology

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