The Performance Culture of Burning Man

Theatre in the United States for the last twenty years has been evolving in scope by way of a cultural phenomenon known as Burning Man. In 2006, this festival attracted over forty thousand participants to the Black Rock Desert in Northwestern Nevada to a flat dusty…


Introduction: Burning Man Culture, Its Politics and the Carnivalesque
Chapter One: The History and Background of Burning Man
Chapter Two: Performance at Burning Man & Spontaneous Interactive Theatre
Chapter Three: Burners: The Participant as Performer
Chapter Four: Burning Man as Performance Culture
Conclusion: Burning Man as a Lens for American Culture
Appendix A: Performance Listings
Appendix B: Performers Questionnaire
Appendix C: DVD of Performances
Appendix D: CD of Websites
Appendix E: Off Planet Theatre Announcement

Author: Clupper, Wendy Ann

Source: University of Maryland

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