Planar Electromagnetic Bandgap Structure

Title: Planar Electromagnetic Bandgap Structure for Wideband Switching Noise Mitigation in High Speed Circuits

With the increasing demand for modern digital circuit with fast edge rates and high clock frequencies, simultaneous switching noise has become a major concern. When many active devices switch at the same time, the switching noise generated can cause fluctuations or disturbances in the power distribution system (PDS) which, in turn, leads to a degradation of the signal integrity (SI). When this noise propagates…

Author: Qin, Jie

Source: University of Maryland

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CHAPTER 1 Introduction, Background, and Objective of the Dissertation
1.1 Motivation of the Work
1.2 Dissertation Organization
1.3 Simultaneous Switching Noise
1.4 Electromagnetic Bandgap Structure
1.5 Parallel Plate Waveguide
CHAPTER 2 Planar EBG Structure Design and Wideband Mitigation of Simultaneous Switching Noise
2.1 Simultaneous Switching Noise Frequency Limitation
2.1.1 Introduction
2.1.2 Upper frequency edge of SSN
2.2 Characterization of EBG Structures
2.2.1 Introduction
2.2.2 Full wave complete space analysis
2.2.3 Symmetry boundary method
2.3 Planar EBG Structures
2.3.1 Structure design
2.3.2 Fabrication
2.3.3 Simulation and experimental result
2.3.4 Super cell EBG structure
2.3.5 Miniaturization of EBG structure
2.3.6 Summary
CHAPTER 3 Compact Circuit Modeling of Electromagnetic Bandgap Structures
3.1 Introduction
3.2 Lumped Element Model Development
3.2.1 Model form definition
3.2.2 Lumped parameters extraction
3.2.3 Meander line EBG 2D model
3.2.4 Simulation and discussion of results
3.2.5 Super cell EBG model
3.3 Bloch-Floquet Theorem
3.4 Dispersion Diagram
3.4.1 Meander-L EBG structure
3.4.2 Super cell EBG structure
CHAPTER 4 Leakage Radiation and EMI Reduction of Electromagnetic Bandgap Structures
4.1 Introduction
4.2 Leakage Radiation through EBG Patterned PCBs
4.3 Near Field Characterization
4.4 EMI Shielding Using EBG Patterned Surface
4.5 Antenna Normalization
4.6 Summary
CHAPTER 5 Signal Integrity of Power Plane with Electromagnetic Bandgap Structures
5.1 Introduction
5.2 Eye Diagram Characterization
5.3 Eye Diagram of Power Plane with EBG Structures
5.3.1 Test vehicle description
5.3.2 Eye diagram of meander-L EBG structure
5.3.3 Differential pair scheme
5.3.4 5-layer structure scheme
5.3.5 Eye diagram of super-cell EBG structure
5.4 Voltage Drop of Power Plane with EBG Structure
5.4.1 Circuit schematics
5.4.2 Simulation results and discussion
CHAPTER 6 Conclusions and Future Work
6.1 Conclusions
6.2 Future Work

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