Postnatal care – outcomes of various care options

Within high-income nations, medical center period of stay after having a normal delivery has steadily reduced correspondingly to length of stay in proper care of other patients. A quick stay offers a greater chance for autonomy plus an increased feeling of involvement, however it may involve great problems satisfying parental assistance as well as on the opportunity of avoiding, discovering, and treating neonatal health conditions.

This study assesses postnatal care depending on expense calculations, risk assessments, and parents’ satisfaction carefully. Questionnaires were delivered to 1 122 fresh mums and her spouse. For the review of usage of medical care services through the first 4 weeks postdelivery, the participants were linked with registry data from the medical center administration system for moms and infantsutilized to explain new parents’ encounters with postnatal care (n = 1 479). The costs for 5 postnatal care models were approximated, including 3 care options: Maternal Ward, Family Suite, and Early Discharge. Data about neonatal readmissions and demise within 4 weeks had been gathered from the Swedish Medical Birth Register, the Hospital Discharge Registry, and also the Cause-of-Death Register. This info was related to data about postnatal follow-up practices from all 48 Swedish delivery wards.

Considering that the postnatal care options are not always the most cost minimizing and postnatal routines affect neonatal deaths and parental satisfaction, the postnatal services have to be enhanced. Without raising risks or costs, each postnatal care choice need to fulfill the families’ requirement for support, protection, autonomy, and attachment with each other…

Postnatal care

Caring and nursing in the postnatal period
Organization of postnatal care the recent past
Organization of today’s post natal care
The mother in postnatal care
The father in post natal care
The newborn in postnatal care
Patient satisfaction
Registry data
Registers at the National Board of Health and Welfare
The Swedish Medical Birth Registry
The Hospital Discharge Register
The Cause-of-Death Register
Statistical analysis
Content analysis
Cost calculation
Results and Discussion
The mother
The newborn
The Family
The care provider and the multiprofessional team
Relation and task
Care options
Care routines
Costs of post natal care
Living conditions….

Source: Umea University

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