A practical two-transducer ultrasonic flow meter

Nowadays ultrasonic transducers are extensively used. Many industrial systems carry out their measurement process by taking the advantage of ultrasound waves. Sound of frequencies above audible range is called ultrasound, ultrasonic waves are classified under category of mechanical waves. Likewise all other mechanical waves, ultrasound needs material environment called medium to propagate through by moving the particles.

Since the end of seventies, ultrasonic flow meters have been widely designed and applied in different industrial plans mainly related to fluid mechanics, chemistry, oil industry, etc. However, the initial motive of this thesis was to design a reliable mass flow meter applicable in controlling the precise amount of energy transferred through gas pipe lines.

The mass flow meter presented in this thesis is based on a two-transducer ultrasonic measurement set up where both transducers emit ultrasonic beam simultaneously. In this thesis we describe how by checking the amplitudes and timings of the received echoes many valuable physical properties of the flowing liquid can be revealed. In other words, we are able to calculate the speed of sound in the liquid, the flow velocity as well as the liquid’s acoustic impedance and its density by only investigating the amplitudes and timings of the received ultrasonic echoes. Moreover, we show that frequency behaviour of the system and the liquid can be illuminated thoroughly.

Author: Amin.G. Saremi

Source: LuleƄ University of Technology

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