Pre-school Teachers’ Perceived Control and Behaviour Problems in Children

In this thesis, pre-school teachers’ perceived control, is examined in relation to problem behaviours of children and the actions of teachers in the classroom. In addition, other factors that are thought to relate to teachers’ perceived control were studied.The results of Study I indicate that pre-school teachers’ high perceived control was related to high intentions to act in the event of child behaviour problems. Teachers’ high satisfaction with their work…


Teacher beliefs
Perceived control
Teachers’ perceived control, problem behaviours,and teachers’ educational actions
Problem behaviours in children
Teachers’ perceptions of problem behaviours
Factors related to change and continuity of problem behaviours
Teacher behaviour and teacher–child interactions
Potential predictors of teachers’ perceived control
The importance of structural conditions in the classroom for teacher and child behaviours
The present research
Aims and hypotheses
Participants and procedure, Study I
Participants and procedure, Studies II – IV
Data collection: questionnaires
Data collection: observations
Selection procedure for Study IV
Issues in data analyses
Factors related to pre-school teachers’ perceived control
Study I
Study II
The distribution of children with regard to externalising
and internalising behaviours at T1 and T2
Factors related to problem behaviours at the beginning of the year
Factors related to change and continuity of problem behaviours
Externalising behaviours
Internalising behaviours
Possible effects of class size
Child–teacher interactions….

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Source: Uppsala University Library

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