Pressure Estimation in the Systemic Arteries Using a Transfer Function

The aim of this thesis is to develop and study a method for estimation of the pulse pressure in centrally located arteries. Obtaining the central pulse pressure is desirable for several reasons. For example, the central pulse pressure can be used to assess aortic stiffness, which in turn is an important predictor of cardiovascular mortality. In this thesis a method of estimation based on a one–dimensional wave propagation theory applied to a physiological model of the human systemic arterial tree is studied. For the purpose of validation, recorded pressure signals from twenty four control subjects are used…


1 Introduction
1.1 Aims
1.2 Approach
1.3 Related Work
1.4 Outline of the Thesis
2 Overview of the Cardiovascular System
2.1 The Heart
2.2 The Blood Vessels
2.3 Haemodynamics
2.3.1 Flow Types
2.3.2 Viscous Properties of Blood
2.3.3 The Pulse Waveform
2.3.4 Normal and Pathological Factors Affecting the Blood Pressure
2.4 Windkessel Model of the Systemic Arterial System
3 Governing Equations
3.1 Wave Reflections
3.2 The Pressure–Flow Relation
3.3 Admittance and Reflection in Arterial Bifurcations
3.4 Pressure Distribution in a Tree Structure
3.5 Boundary Conditions
3.6 Viscosity and Viscoelasticity
4 Material
4.1 Arterial Tree Models
4.2 Experimental Data
5 Method
5.1 Algorithm
5.2 Some Details of the Implementation
5.3 Optimization
5.4 Statistics
6 Results
6.1 Generic Tree Model
6.2 Scaling
6.3 Optimization
7 Discussion
7.1 Geometric and Dynamic properties of the Arterial Tree
7.2 Assumptions in the Derivation of the Governing Equations
7.3 Other methods
7.4 Conclusion and Summary
8 Future Work
8.1 Further Individualization
8.2 Theory
8.3 Pathological Conditions
8.4 Clinical Use

Author: Thore, Carl-Johan

Source: Linköping University

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